Listen to my latest interview with the delightful Jeff and Tyi.

Listen to my latest interview with the delightful Jeff and Tyi.


Whedonopolis at the Geekie Awards

Wendy Pini, Paula Rhodes & I chat with Whedonopolis at the 2013 Geekie Awards.

TI Exclusive Interview: Stephanie Thorpe, Wendy Pini & Paula Rhodes At The Geekie Awards

“This past Sunday, August 18th our reporter Crystal Ng attend the 1st annual Geekie Awards. The event took place at The Avalon Hollywood, during the red carpet we had the opportunity to interview Stephanie Thorpe, Wendy Pini, and Paula Rhodes. check out our exclusive interview below!”




The Women of Comic Con: How the Internet Killed the Studio Star

Holly Derr weighs in on how the Internet is changing the world for geek girls and for women in Hollywood.

“During the lead up to this year’s Comic Con International, a Networked Insights analysis of social media conversation showed that 54% of people talking about the conference were women.  At panel discussions, in interviews, even at parties, woman after woman said the same thing: The Internet is changing the world for geek girls and for women in Hollywood.

Stephanie Thorpe, who spoke on the panel Web Creators Assemble, produces the web series Ladies and Gents–a collection of 30-second to two-minute scenes in the restrooms of a typical LA club. Thorpe came to her first Comic Con when she was eight and left with her first comic book: Elfquest. As an adult, Thorpe became an actor because wanted she wanted to play her favorite genre characters. When she didn’t find enough of the kind of roles she wanted to play in Hollywood, she started making content herself. Today she owns the film and TV rights for the 35-year-old Elfquest franchise.”


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New Ms. In The Biz Writer Stephanie Thorpe on IdeateTV

Cat Navarro of IdeateTV and I catch up at the launch of Ms. In The Biz, a new magazine for women in entertainment looking for a positive community that shares resources, imparts wisdom, and fosters success.

IdeateTV host Cat Navarro interviews Ms In the Biz contributing writer Stephanie Thorpe at the Ms In the Biz / FilmBreak mixer for the pre-launch of Ms. In the Biz.
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The Snobby Robot Reviews Thorpe’s New Series ‘The Ladies & The Gents’

I share some insights into my latest creation with Chris Hadley of The Snobby Robot.




“Imagine being a fly on the wall, being able to eavesdrop on the most intimate conversations and moments in life. Now imagine being that fly in one of the most intimate places of all – the bathroom. The new comedy web series THE LADIES AND THE GENTS, created by Stephanie Thorpe, in conjunction with co-producers Tania Ihnen, Robb Padgett, Avi Glijansky, and Steven Lekowicz.”


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Stephanie Thorpe of Shelf Life on The Indie Exchange

I chat with Coral Russell of GoodReads about current & upcoming projects and all the latest news!

This month’s shows are sponsored by: Lynne Cantwell author of eight books including the Pipe Woman Chronicles (new release Gravid is out now) and two anthologies.

Today’s show is: Stephanie Thorpe of Shelf Life @thestephthorpe


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The Premiere of Smash New Series Ladies & Gents

My new series The Ladies & The Gents has just premiered!  Here’s a look at the launch by Film Snobbery!

“5 producers, 2 web series, and several cocktails at 1 awesome party. FilmSnobbery attended the premiere party for The Ladies & The Gents and got interviews with actress/producer Stephanie Thorpe, producer Tanya Ihnen, producer Avi Glijansky, producer/director Steve Lekowicz, and producer/composer/set designer Robb Padgett.”Our red carpet interview with @FilmSnobbery is online!

League of Extraordinary Ladies at WonderCon 2013

I join fellow extraordinary ladies to chat about our mission at WonderCon.

IdeateTV host Cat Navarro interviews The League of Extraordinary Ladies at WonderCon 2013.

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New Media Pioneer Stephanie Thorpe on Sci-Fi Talk

I chat with Tony Tellado of Sci-Fi Talk about my producing work & all things ElfQuest.

“New Media Pioneer who talks about her efforts to bring Elfquest as a filmed project to life. We also chat about her various web series that she has produced.”

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The Geek Supremacy Project

I chat with Gregory Hall on The Geek Supremacy Project.

“Hey G.S.P Minions, join me Tonight with special guest actress, writer, director, and Producer of Elf Quest: A Fan Imaging, Shelf Life, and Slumber Con. The talented Awesome Stephanie Thorpe!!!”

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Stephanie Thorpe — Elfquest, Fandom, and Being Awesome on BlogTalkRadio

Listen to my interview with Geekerati on BlogTalkRadio.

Listen to the podcast here:–elfquest-fandom-and-being-awesome


Web Series Superstar Stephanie Thorpe Takes on Surfing Aliens

Listen to my latest podcast with Surfing Aliens.

This week on the Surfing Aliens Podcast we talk with Web Series actress and producer Stephanie Thorpe. Stephanie has been involved with shows such as Shelf LifeNight of the Zombie KingPairingsAfter Judgement and so many more. She also collaboratesd with fellow actress and producer Paula Rhodes on Elfquest: A Fan Imagining and the have recently acquired the film and TV rights to the series ElfQuest.   We also ask the  question “If your name were a verb, what would the action be?”


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Stephanie Thorpe at the Oscars 2013

Here’s my latest interview with Zennie Abraham of the Zennie62Blog at the Oscars.

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YourPChero: It’s OK to be Elfish

Check out my latest interview with YourPChero’s own Allen Berrebbi.

“Episode 22 was a fun one with a very special interview with YouTube star and Elfquest aficionado Stephanie Thorpe, my soul sister from another mother. Plus the boys discussed the iWatch rumors, the new HTC One and lots more. And of course two freebie choices!”  My interview starts at 18:00.


Listen to the full interview here:

EP 22: It’s OK to be Elfish @ YourPCHero.


Stolendroids Presents Stephanie Thorpe


Here’s my latest podcast with Stolendroids. Take a look!

stolendroids logo

“This episode of Stolendroids Present we have, for your listening pleasure, the wonderful, the talented, the incomparable Stephanie Thorpe.  Co-creator of Elfquest: A Fan Imagining, producer, actor, and all around bad-ass geek girl.  We cover girls in geek culture, raising a geek, breathing new life into Elfquest, and . . . what we’re all wearing to bed?”

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More on ElfQuest at CSICon: The Home of Geek Culture

Paula Rhodes and I chat with Breki Tomasson on CSICon’s “The Dialogue”.

ElfQuest pic

Here’s a peek:

CSICON: Personally, I was very happy to hear that there was somebody finally working on an Elfquestmovie; much more than when I heard about Captain America, Iron Man, Batman or any of the comic book movies of late. Why do you think Elfquest resonates so much with its fans?

Stephanie: I think it resonates with its fans on many levels. Wendy and Richard Pini are really incredible visionaries and the art, first and foremost, that Wendy has drawn in these comic books is just so beautiful and I think a lot of people are really attracted to it for that reason, but also because of, you know, the stories of this grand adventure that Cutter and his tribe go on are, despite them being elves, they’re very human stories. We’re looking at the hero’s quest here. For Paula and I, all these female characters that we found when we were eight were great role models for us. It’s great to see female characters that didn’t have to be saved by men, they were leaders in their own right, so these graphic novels, these comic books of Elfquest really speak to people on a lot of different levels, and there’s something for everyone in them.
Paula: Yeah; they deal with problems that we recognize in our world now around us, and yet they deal with them in ways that I think we only wish humans would deal with them.

CSICON: That’s a very interesting perspective. It’s something that a lot of comic books don’t really do all that well.


Read a full transcript of the interview, or listen to the podcast here:


New Series “The Biz” Premieres with Guests Stephanie Thorpe & Paula Rhodes

I stop by That’s My Entertainment to chat about living & working in Hollywood on their new show “The Biz”.

“Check out the pilot of our new series the BIZ where working professionals in Hollywood tell us about their careers and what they did to get their foot in the door. Our special guests for this initial episode are Stephanie Thorpe (the New Media Maven) and Paula Rhodes (Actress/Producer). They talk about their love of Elfquest and their new journey into making a brand new film.”


MingleMediaTV Stops by IAWTV AWARDS in Vegas

Check out my meet & greet at the 2013 IAWTV AWARDS ! mingle

“IN”Studio with… Stephanie Thorpe and Paula Rhodes by Gus Summers

Check out my latest interview with The “IN” Show as Paula & I share the latest news on ElfQuest, the indie & New Media scene, and look forward to the our development of the famed fantasy series.

Published on Dec 14, 2012

New Media Revolutionaries Stephanie Thorpe and Paula Rhodes acquired the film and television rights to the 35-year old comic book series and fantasy franchise, ElfQuest, by Wendy and Richard Pini! These multi-talented, entertainment trailblazers took some time to stop by The “IN” Show to share the whats, hows, whys and more of Indie Producing, ElfQuest and what’s in store for Elves and Elf Lovers everywhere!

‘Elfquest’ Fan-Filmmakers Officially Acquire The Comic’s TV/Film Rights on Comics Alliance

“After years of waiting for a big studio production of ElfQuest, fans and web TV producers Stephanie Thorpe and Paula Rhodes took matters into their own hands by creating their own short film based on the indie comics perennial by Wendy and Richard Pini. Called ElfQuest: A Fan Imagining, the four-and-a-half minute trailer was among the better comic book fan films ever made, and was warmly embraced by ElfQuest readers. Now in what must be a first, the makers of a fan film have found themselves in possession of the film and television rights to the comic, a move made by the Pinis after the ElfQuest rights reverted back to them when a Warner Bros. film failed to materialize.”

Interview with Andy Khouri of Comics Alliance:

GenreTainment on BlogTalkRadio

paula and steph

Stephanie Thorpe with ElfQuest producing partner Paula Rhodes

“Marx and Julie talk about what is happening in the world of film, TV and web series. This week, GenreTainment chats with producers and actors Stephanie Thorpe (After JudgmentShelf Life) & Paula Rhodes (A Good Knight’s Quest). They recently acquired the rights to the 35-year old comic book series ElfQuest from Warner Brothers. They grabbed a lot of attention on the web when they made their crowd-sourced and fan-funded Elfquest: A Fan Imagining and now even more buzz as they move forward to make official Elfquest stories. We’ll talk more about their plans for the franchise that has a global following in 12 countries and why they have loved Elfquest since their childhood. Plus, we talk to them about their extensive work in a wide range of award winning web series and films. Thorpe has spearheaded over 150 episodes of web TV, two features and a dozen shorts. Rhodes has a collective 104 million views in new media projects.”

Listen to the full interview with Marx & Julie here:


Web Series to Empower Geek Culture

I am delighted to be October’s first featured interview on ACM Computers in Entertainment where I discussed how my entrance into web series phenomenon lead me to become the most dangerous women on the internet.  Other past interviews on ACM have featured Quincy Jones, Roy E. Disney, and George Lucas !   Therefore, I am thrilled to be interviewed as a new media expert on web-series producing and acting.

Read the entire interview with Chris Davison:

“IN”terview with….Stephanie Thorpe by Gus Summers

Topics covered: current projects, the cool stuff she’s got coming up, and what it means to be “One of the Most Dangerous Women” in the Creative Web Space. “Stephanie is truly breaking down gender barriers in the Geek Space and is creating new opportunities through various creative projects to encourage the ever growing voice of women, young and old, now and for the future.” See YouTube Video here:

Webseries KnockOuts from Article by Sarah Kuhn

Published on July 26 – Aug 1, 2012 Issue – Pg 15

A Comic Con Dangerous Woman (#SDCCPreview)

Stephanie was interviewed by Zennie Abraham (of at the CNN iReport Party on July 12, 2012 @SDCC before her “The Most Dangerous Women at Comic-Con!” panel. See Youtube video here:

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