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Stephanie Thorpe with ElfQuest producing partner Paula Rhodes

“Marx and Julie talk about what is happening in the world of film, TV and web series. This week, GenreTainment chats with producers and actors Stephanie Thorpe (After JudgmentShelf Life) & Paula Rhodes (A Good Knight’s Quest). They recently acquired the rights to the 35-year old comic book series ElfQuest from Warner Brothers.


They grabbed a lot of attention on the web when they made their crowd-sourced and fan-funded Elfquest: A Fan Imagining and now even more buzz as they move forward to make official Elfquest stories. We’ll talk more about their plans for the franchise that has a global following in 12 countries and why they have loved Elfquest since their childhood. Plus, we talk to them about their extensive work in a wide range of award winning web series and films. Thorpe has spearheaded over 150 episodes of web TV, two features and a dozen shorts. Rhodes has a collective 104 million views in new media projects.”


Listen to the full interview with Marx & Julie here:

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