Check Out my Latest ElfQuest News in Variety

Check Out my Latest ElfQuest News in Variety

“Thorpe and Rhodes, who produced “ElfQuest: A Fan Imagining” as a short live-action production, made the announcement at AFM. They noted that, the property’s official website, generates 10 million views a month.” –Dave McNary, Variety Magazine

Stephanie Thorpe as Winnowill on the set of ElfQuest: A Fan Imagining

“With their deep love and understanding of the property, they represent a new direction for ‘ElfQuest,'” Wendy Pini said. “New creative energy and new connections in the larger media.”
Warner Bros. had been developing an “Elfquest” movie in recent years but the rights lapsed earlier this year. The comicbook, which launched in 1978, follows a tribe of elves on the distant World of Two Moons who find themselves driven from their forest by humans and then discover something they didn’t know existed: other elves.

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