EXPERT COMICS Weighs in on Bringing New ElfQuest Projects to Life


Can Thorpe & Rhodes Bring ElfQuest to the Big Screen?

“Be careful what you wish for….You just might get it.


In this world where writers like Dan Slott get death threats for how a comic comes out, to major changes in the comic landscape for both of the Big Two comic companies, it is a rough time to be a creator. Gail Simone has been fired and re-hired off of Batgirl in the span of a couple weeks. In walk Stephanie Thorpe and Paula Rhodes creators of ElfQuest: A Fan Imagining, which is a short film that could serve as a trailer for an ElfQuest movie. It was announced in November, in Variety no less, that Rhodes and Thorpe had obtained the rights to the ElfQuest property after Warner Brothers let them lapse.”

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