INTERVIEW: More on ElfQuest at CSICon: The Home of Geek Culture

Paula Rhodes and I chat with Breki Tomasson on CSICon’s “The Dialogue”.

ElfQuest pic

Here’s a peek:

CSICON: Personally, I was very happy to hear that there was somebody finally working on an Elfquestmovie; much more than when I heard about Captain America, Iron Man, Batman or any of the comic book movies of late. Why do you think Elfquest resonates so much with its fans?

Stephanie: I think it resonates with its fans on many levels. Wendy and Richard Pini are really incredible visionaries and the art, first and foremost, that Wendy has drawn in these comic books is just so beautiful and I think a lot of people are really attracted to it for that reason, but also because of, you know, the stories of this grand adventure that Cutter and his tribe go on are, despite them being elves, they’re very human stories. We’re looking at the hero’s quest here. For Paula and I, all these female characters that we found when we were eight were great role models for us. It’s great to see female characters that didn’t have to be saved by men, they were leaders in their own right, so these graphic novels, these comic books of Elfquest really speak to people on a lot of different levels, and there’s something for everyone in them.
Paula: Yeah; they deal with problems that we recognize in our world now around us, and yet they deal with them in ways that I think we only wish humans would deal with them.

CSICON: That’s a very interesting perspective. It’s something that a lot of comic books don’t really do all that well.


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