New Media Luminary STEPHANIE THORPE Goes COMIKAZE at Stan Lee’s Pop-Culture Expo

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 New Media Luminary STEPHANIE THORPE

Goes COMIKAZE at Stan Lee’s Pop-Culture Expo


Thorpe to Reveal Secrets to Creating Captivating Content on 3 Panels at Comikaze 2013

(photo: Albert L. Ortega)

(photo: Albert L. Ortega)

Los Angeles, CA – New Media Luminary STEPHANIE THORPE returns to Stan Lee’s Comikaze, teaming up with her partners from the celebrated web series, “The Ladies and the Gents”, revealing insider secrets for creating high-caliber comedy content for the web. Thorpe will also appear on 2 additional panels at the convention: “The Geekie Awards: An Awards Show By Geeks for Geeks” with event creator Kristen Nedopak; and “Web Series Creation 101—How Do You Build A Guild?” with moderator Katrina Hill.

With more than 60 episodes of fan-favorite web series “The Ladies & The Gents” under her creative belt, Thorpe is poised to expose her behind-the-scenes experiences on Sunday, Nov. 3rd at 10:00am in room 303AB on the panel “How to Get 150 Celebs in a Bathroom: Creating     (photo: Albert L. Ortega) Collaborative Comedy for the Web”.

The panel brings together the prolific producers, directors and cast from the innovative L.A.-based web series, “The Ladies and The Gents”, to share insights and adventures into developing original comedic content for the web that involved over 150 talents. Moderated by Jo Bozarth (The Ladies, The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros), Thorpe will be joined by Steven Lekowicz, Robb Padgett, and Tanya Ihnen (Vampire Zombie Werewolf, Life from the Inside); Avi Glijansky (The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros, The Silverlake Badminton and Adventurers Club); Phil Morris (Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, Smallville, Justice League-Animated); America Young (BAMF Girls Club, Mask & Cape, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2); and Beth Fisher (Bloom, After Judgment).

Premiering to rave reviews and showcased at the Big Screen Little Screen event earlier this year at SAG, “The Ladies & The Gents” explores the shenanigans during ‘one night, one LA club, two restrooms’. ( Thorpe is thrilled to be part of such an innovative project, explaining: “It was such a delight to work with this team! We created 20 weeks of original content, 60+ episodes, that mix geek humor with slapstick humor and I’m really proud that we were able to provide a forum for 150 web celebs to showcase their scripts & talents.”

Recently, Thorpe appeared as a judge and nominee at the 1st Annual Geekie Awards. She was proud to have two of her series nominated, including “Shelf Life”, which just finished its 4th season ( and “Night of the Zombie King” (, in which she’s a series regular. Thorpe’s artistic spirit was also recently showcased in Cupcake Quarterly Magazine, where she appeared in a vintage costume of her favorite “ElfQuest” character (made by the comic’s creator!). Thorpe also writes the new monthly column “Red Carpet Rundown” for Ms. In The Biz Magazine, offering up ways to rock the red carpet with style and fun while on a budget. (

A popular presence in the New Media scene, Thorpe is in demand as an expert panelist & speaker, a host and presenter, a writer & producer, content creator, actress and director. She speaks at events around the country, appearing on numerous panels at Comic-Con, Wonder Con, Emerald City Con, GeekGirlCon and Stan Lee’s Comikaze. Thorpe currently holds the film & TV rights to the iconic fantasy franchise, “ElfQuest”, has been nominated twice to the Board of Directors for IAWTV and hosted 4 events for the non-profit organization Celebrate the Web.


Where:  COMIKAZE 2013 – Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA

Panel 1:   How to Get 150 Celebs in a Bathroom: Creating Collaborative Comedy for the Web—Sunday, Nov. 3rd at 10:00am, Room 303AB

Panel 2:   The Geekie Awards: An Awards Show By Geeks for Geeks—Sunday, Nov. 3rd at 2:00pm in Room 303AB

Panel 3:   Web Series Creation 101: How Do You Build A Guild?—Friday, Nov. 1st at 2:00pm in Room 304 ABC


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