Red Carpet Rundown Meets Geek Couture on

Red Carpet Rundown Meets Geek Couture on

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photo by JD Piche, Red Carpet Report

Red Carpet Rundown: The Geekie Awards

  • The First Annual Geekie Awards were held Sunday night at the Avalon Theater, and it was an absolute blast!  It was a lavish and nerdy affair, complete with cosplayers, an R2 unit, red carpets and celebrities. Not…

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  • Red Carpet Rundown: Haute Couture Cosplay At Comic Con!  Whether you are off to San Diego for the world’s biggest “geekfest” otherwise known as Comic-Con like a number of the writers for “Ms. In The Biz,” or checking your social media streams to get the goodies,…

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Red Carpet Rundown Special Edition: Getting Your Geek On

  • …and a website that will ruin you. It is upon us…the Mother of all Cons: San Diego Comic Con! From July 18-21 geeks from all over the world descend on San Diego, taking the city by storm and reveling…



Red Carpet Rundown #3: You’ll Never Shop For Shoes The Same Way Again!

  • This article focuses on something near and dear to all our female hearts. We love and covet them, even when they hurt us. Men? Frakk, no—shoes!!! The ultimate accesory to make an outfit pop. Never underestimate how..


3rd Annual Streamy Awards - Arrivals

Red Carpet Rundown #2: A Site That Will Change Your (Shopping) Life

  • Time for another peek into the world of the red carpet. This photo was taken earlier this year: The 2013 Streamy Awards in February. Its a favorite photo of mine but as usual it came with lessons….


Red Carpet Rundown

  • The red carpet is a unique and peculiar situation many of us frequently face in the entertainment biz. This series will explore the ways to rock the red with style and a sense of fun, all while…

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