Take the Plunge with STEPHANIE THORPE’s New Series “Ladies & Gents”

New Comedy Series “The Ladies & The Gents” Brings A Unique Perspective to the Most Intimate of Places: the Restroom!
The Producers of “The Ladies & The Gents” (from left) Robb Padgett, Avi Glijansky, Tanya Ihnen, Stephanie Thorpe and Steve Lekowicz
Los Angeles, CA – Prolific Content Creator Stephanie Thorpe has done it again with the new series, “The Ladies & The Gents”. Joining forces with fellow lauded web professionals: Steven Lekowicz, Robb Padgett & Tanya Ihnen (Vampire Zombie Werewolf & Life on the Inside–currently on My Damn Channel) and Avi Glijansky (The Further Adventures of Cupid & Eros, Silverlake Badminton Club), they have produced a series which will leave you in stitches and question everything that happens in a public restroom.
Thorpe is one of the writers, directors, producers & actors in the new comedy, which explores the shenanigans during ‘One night, One LA club, Two restrooms, 40 Stories’. “The Ladies & The Gents” premiered to rave reviews at a 500+ bash in LA on March 19th, 2013. It is now on YouTube and the website TheLadiesandTheGents.com with new episodes rolling out over the next 20 weeks, airing every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Thorpe stars in “The Ladies” episode #10 this week alongside model & fellow geek Jennifer Newman.
Watch The Ladies Episode #10:
On screen and off, Thorpe is joined by over 140 web-celebs that were brought together by a shared love for comedy and innovative content. Peek out from behind the mirror and get a glimpse of all the crazy, funny and ridiculous things that go on in the bathrooms of a douchey Los Angeles club over the course of a single night. Shot in one take with no cuts or edits, each episode is like sketch comedy meets one-act play. Only with less Pinter. The ‘Ladies’ series is written, directed, acted and produced all by women. Thorpe comments: “It was amazing to bring all this talent on board! We really wanted to provide a framework for writers and directors to get their ideas made, and bring the web community together for a huge production!”Simultaneously, Thorpe is also creating and starring in the new series “Slumber Con”. Touted as ‘The View…for nerds’, Thorpe and fellow geek girl Jennifer Landa host slumber party-style chats about the latest in nerd entertainment, crafts, food & style (www.slumbercon.com). And, of course she’s thrilled to be holding the Film/TV right to her favorite childhood comic ElfQuest and looks forward to San Diego Comic-Con this summer to get her panel on & celebrate the iconic comic’s 35th Anniversary!
ABOUT STEPHANIE THORPEA growing icon in the New Media scene, Stephanie Thorpe is in demand as an expert panelist & speaker, a host and presenter, a writer & producer, content creator, actress and director. Thorpe recently hit the front page of Variety with producing partner Paula Rhodes when they acquired the film/TV rights to the “ElfQuest” franchise. They first gained attention for their award-winning cyber-phenom “ElfQuest: A Fan Imagining”, a short live-action production which has gained over 300,000+ views since its debut, earning numerous awards and accolades from film festivals, conventions and the media with over 100 articles and interviews to date. Thorpe has been a driving force as an actor and producer in numerous web projects (and was stunned to realize she had made 100+ episodes of original web content) including the critically acclaimed After Judgment, Asylum, Babelgum’s Hurtling Through Space, and Tyler Mane’s The Mane Show. Stephanie continues to work in TV/film and garnered Best Actress in a Drama at the NYFilmFest. She recently starred in the Parsec Award-winning GOLD spin-off Night of the Zombie King (www.goldtheseries.com), for which she was nominated Best Supporting Actress by IndieIntertube & by the New York Television Festival in 2011, and in the Indie Soap Opera Award nominated series Pairings. Stephanie continues to speak at events around the country, appearing recently on panels at GeekGirlCon, Emerald City Con, Comikaze, WonderCon and San Diego’s Comic-Con (where she humbly accepted the label as one of The Most Dangerous Women at Comic Con). Thorpe has been nominated twice to the Board of Directors for IAWTV, hosted 4 events for the non-profit organization Celebrate the Web and is a founding member of The League of Extraordinary Ladies.






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