WonderCon 2013 Welcomes New Media Magnate STEPHANIE THORPE: Celebrating Elves and Extraordinary Ladies


WonderCon 2013 Welcomes


Celebrating Elves and Extraordinary Ladies

Los Angeles, CA – New Media Magnate STEPHANIE THORPE joins “ElfQuest” creator and The League of Extraordinary Ladies for two panel discussions at WonderCon 2013 on Saturday, March 30, 2013.


To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of legendary comic series “ElfQuest”, Thorpe will join creator Wendy Pini and producing partner Paula Rhodes for a lively panel discussion of all things “ElfQuest”: past, present and an exciting look ahead at what the future holds for this beloved series.


Thorpe and Rhodes recently hit the front page of Variety when they acquired the film/TV rights to the “ElfQuest” franchise. They first gained attention for their award-winning cyber-phenom “ElfQuest: A Fan Imagining”, a short live-action production which has gained over 300,000 views since its debut, earning numerous awards and accolades from film festivals, conventions and the media with over 100 articles and interviews to date.


In addition, as a founding member of The League of Extraordinary Ladies (LxL), Thorpe will join her geek girl friends for an energetic panel sharing tips and creative insights into the geek world. Originally formed by a small, but fierce group of geek girls, LxL has become a world-wide community fostering connections with like-minded ladies and creating a safe space online for discussions, sharing and more. The League is dedicated to keeping the Con spirit alive all year round, wherever you are. Thorpe comments, “It’s a privilege to share, learn from and support these brilliant, amazing women as they create and bring new ideas to the community.”


Thorpe’s acting & producing work continues in returning series “Shelf Life” (www.shelflifeseries.com), which has completed 4 seasons of 40 episodes, and was featured at Comic-Con 2012 and at Social Media Week in LA.


And coming soon, Thorpe is one of the writers, directors, producers & actors in the new comedy series “The Ladies & The Gents”, exploring the shenanigans during ‘One night, One club, Two restrooms’ (theladiesandthegents.com), which will premiere March 18th, 2013. Thorpe also creates and stars in the new series “Slumber Con”. Touted as ‘The View…for nerds’, Thorpe and fellow geek girl Jennifer Landa host slumber party-style chats about the latest in nerd news, entertainment, crafts, food & style (www.slumbercon.com).


A growing presence in the New Media scene, Thorpe is in demand as an expert panelist & speaker, a host and presenter, a writer & producer, content creator, actress and director. She speaks at events around the country, appearing on such panels as Geek Girls Create at WonderCon 2012 and The Most Dangerous Women at Comic-Con at SDCC 2012. She was honored to speak on 3 panels at Comic-Con 2012 and GeekGirlCon 2012; and she appeared on 2 panels at Stan Lee’s Comikaze in September 2012. Thorpe has been nominated twice to the Board of Directors for IAWTV, hosted 4 events for the non-profit organization Celebrate the Web.


Where:      WonderCon 2013 – Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA


When:       Saturday, March 30, 2013


Panel 1:    ElfQuest 35th Anniversary – 6:30-7:30pm / Room: 213BCD


Panel 2:    The League of Extraordinary Ladies – 12:00pm/ Room: 210A


For Information About STEPHANIE THORPE visit: www.TheStephanieThorpe.com


Follow Her on Twitter @TheStephThorpe



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