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“In case there was still any debate, Star Wars is a cultural phenomenon spanning our globe. Last month I was in Paris, and got to witness firsthand another country’s unbridled enthusiasm leading up to the opening of “Le Reveil de la Force” (The Force Awakens). Star Wars was EVERYWHERE!

From department store window displays at the historic Haussmann Galeries Lafayette, to disposable water bottles, and there was even a Leia whose attire and hair was sculpted entirely out of chocolate at the 2015 Salon du Chocolat (imagine San Diego Comic Con, but for Chocolatiers. Yum.):

How Paris is Celebrating Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Pics)


I was personally struck by the newest exhibit at the Louvre. THERE WAS STAR WARS IN THE LOUVRE! In the same elite and sprawling museum that holds countless masterpieces including the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and Winged Victory…there too was Darth Vader.

The opening exhibit in the Louvre’s new wing, La Petite Galerie, is the “Mythes Fondateurs: D’Hercule a Dark Vador” which examines humanity’s artistic attempts to explain light vs dark, good vs evil, and heroes vs monsters. It runs until the summer 2016 (alas, I wish pictures were allowed!), and it gave me shivers to see Vader and Luke (and yeah, even a behind the scenes look at the making of Attack of the Clones…) given their rightful place next to sculptures, artifacts and art from the dawn of civilations around the world.

But the most impressive Star Wars experience for me was at Galerie Sakura which brought together over 30 artists for showing called “L’expo Contre-Attaque,” with pieces available for purchase here: www.galerie-sakura.com.” Read the full article at: http://legionofleia.com/2015/12/how-paris-is-celebrating-star-wars-the-force-awakens-pics/


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Stephanie weighs in on San Diego’s Comic-Con and the legendary Mac and Cheese Martini.


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A growing icon in the New Media scene, Stephanie Thorpe is in demand as an expert panelist & speaker, a host and presenter, a writer & producer, content creator, actress and director. She studied at Oxford and received a Master’s Degree from the University of Toronto. The creator of 150+ episodes of original web content, Thorpe has reached a wide audience with online content views of over 1 million and 50+K followers on Twitter.

Thorpe has been a driving force as an actor and producer in numerous film and web projects with writing credits in such productions as Ashes (short), The Ladies & The Gents (THELADIESANDTHEGENTS.COM), hit series Shelf Life (SHELFLIFESERIES.COM), Slumber Con (SLUMBERCON.COM), and the award winning cyber-phenom, ElfQuest: A Fan Imagining (ELFQUESTFANTRAILER.COM). Stephanie recently produced, directed and wrote three episodes for Crypt TV (CRYPTTV.COM). She continues to consult on various Sci-Fi/Fantasy projects, including the Werewolf Whisperer Series.

Up next, Stephanie has secured the rights to an epic biography of a nurse trapped behind enemy lines in WWI and will write the feature film. She is developing a new international lifestyle series, Fashion, Food & Fandom, with Ultimatum Entertainment.

She’s written articles for Legion of Leia and Boing Boing, and is a contributing writer to Ms. In The Biz.





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