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The Ladies & The Gents

Have you ever had one of those nights? You know the kind… long line, crowded bar, loud music, pricy drinks, potential paramours, sloppy-drunk friends. Whether you’re the hot chick every guy (or girl) wants to woo, or whether you’re the hopeless loser who will never win a woo of any kind, we all share one, singular… Read the Rest »

ElfQuest: A Fan Imagining

This fan fiction trailer that Stephanie directed, produced and starred in, garnered critical acclaim including an article in the New York Times, and culminated with a panel at Comic-Con 2011. She has been a fan of these graphic novels since she was a little girl and is very proud of the success of this production…. Read the Rest »

Shelf Life

“Shelf Life” recently launched it’s 4th season and was featured at Comic-Con 2012 and at Social Media Week in LA. The wildly successful series has won several awards at film festivals including Comedy of the Week on Indie Intertube, an Award of Merit at the Indie Film Festival, and it screened last year at Pop Con LA. The series was nominated this year for an IAWTV Award.


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